IMARC 2020 – Extracting Value from Mine Waste

MEKS Solutions is part of The Circular Mine Consortium that offers several innovative technologies to Extract value from Mine waste.
Our virtual stand is now set up. Register for IMARC 2020 and come and see our stand and discuss how our consortium solution will help mining companies achieve near zero mine tailings waste flowsheet. The concept includes existing technologies, current research and experience from the Circular Mine Consortium team adapted into a recycling process aimed at removing the need for costly tailings dams and the associated risks.
Tailings are reviewed as part of a resource and become an important by-product and asset to be processed and marketed. A further opportunity exists in the carbon economy to market carbon credits given the carbonation capture technology to produce construction materials and revegetation.
Please contact either Michael Ingwersen from #MEKS Solutions, Charles Vuillier from #Mincore or Alison Price from #SoilCyclers

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