Networking with inspirational people


Always a good morning when spent networking with inspirational people.  At a recent Institute of Managers and Leader (IML) member connect event in Geelong, we had a fantastic start to the day.  First with the perfect coffee thanks to Charles & Co Café, Charles Brownlow Stand, GMHBA Stadium to warm everyone up.

We discussed topics of influencing and negotiation to understand what skills we use to influence.  An interesting observation was that these can vary from the workplace and home environments and how we use our conscious thoughts to influence outcomes.  Negotiation discussion was focused around how you prepare and methods used if things aren’t going your way.

What a great environment to share with each other so we can lift the standards of leadership and be better managers.  This provides personal growth for me and a benefit to MEKS Solutions.  Thanks to the IML Geelong regional committee.   Looking forward to the IML end of year event.

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