International Women’s Day

MEKS Solutions attended International Women’s Day AusIMM Luncheon in Melbourne this week. It was an extremely well represented event, by both industry and individuals alike, yet it showed there is still a long way to go to achieve equality and change the current natural bias. 

Keynote speakers Sara Prendergast, Director of AusIMM and Jade Collins, Director of Femeconomy were inspiring in sharing their stories showing how balanced gender equality and diversity is better for both humanity and business.  

Some thoughts for further consideration:

  • Countries with a much higher gender equality have lower statistics of domestic violence. 
  • How many years will it be, before we can truly achieve gender equality?
  • Why is Australia ranked only 39th of 154 countries in gender equality?  Why are we not in the top 10?
  • If we ask out children to draw a miner, a doctor, a fire-fighter, would they draw a woman or a man? 
  • Is your organisation open to men and women with equal opportunities?

Two great organisations inspiring and driving change are and Femeconomy.

The challenge is out there to be a part of the change.

Well done AusIMM, Keynote speakers, Panelist Jad Vodopija, VP Human Resources, Orica; Bob Vassie Managing Director and CEO, St Barbara & Katrina Blair VP & Reporting Minerals Australia and Marketing, BHP and sponsors of the event. 

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