MEKS Solutions holds the Melbourne Cup at IMARC 2018

What a week!  There was so much on offer in terms of cutting-edge pitches of revolutionary technologies that could truly change the way we find, mine and process resources.  It is amazing to see the potential opportunities that could reduce energy requirements and environmental impact.

GHDIn particular, the Young Leaders feedback was very interesting.  Take-aways from the group of millennials are that they feel under-prepared with little industry exposure.  They feel the industry does a good job of providing suitable jobs, but not careers, limiting their development.  Money is not an issue, but they are looking for both sides to put ‘skin in the game’.

The networking opportunities at the IMARC, including Austmine’s ‘Meet the Miners’ speed dating event and gala dinner, were fantastic.  MEKS Solutions took this opportunity to discuss our capabilities including project management, maintenance, contract management, operational support and workshop facilitation.

A big thank you to GHD for inviting MEKS Solutions to the Gala dinner.   This topped off an evening of social interaction with leadership guidance provided by one of the greats, Andrew Michelmore and a once in a life-time opportunity to hold the Melbourne Cup.  The promo on how the Melbourne Cup is made was fantastic and reminds us of the importance of resources.  If we stopped mining today, what would we have? An excellent message to understand the impact of resources on everyday life.




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